We have processed deer at Riverside Grocery for over 20 years. We custom cut your deer, process one at a time, and do not co-mingle the meat. Deer must be quartered and brought in an ice chest. We do not provide skinning service. 

Our full process includes: 
Debone the entire deer, steak all the ham muscles and tenderize, cut the backstraps, and grind the rest into burger. Steaks and backstrap are wrapped in 1.5 lb packages the burger is wrapped in 1 lb meat packages, and overwrapped with buther paper. $80.00

Grind Only: 
We can debone your deer, cut the backstraps and package separately and grind the rest into burger 1 lb packages in meat trays wrapped in celophane, and overwrapped in butcher paper $55.00

Breakfast sausage is an additional $1.00 per pound
Fajita meat or jerky meat sliced additional $1.00 per pound
Summer sausage, 3 lb sticks. Regular $12.00 and jalapeño and cheese $15.00 per stick.
If you are interested in any other services, just ask.
Drop off your deer any time the store is open from 6 am - 9 pm